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Quotes and Inside Jokes
Sunday, Nov. 23, 2003 at 3:36 p.m.

This is my quotes and inside jokes page from my AIM buddy profile. I love them so much that I want to share them with even more people

"You're not just floating mother fucker!" - Lisa

"Sorry, I only date broken hearted emo boys" - I dunno

"I got my future plans, I'm in a band" - Off By One

"You smell bad!" - Me

"Fist Jesus" - Tyler

"Cheating does not equal winning, it equals hard work and pain." - Kathrine

"I hate your mom's speed bumps!" - Neth

"It's just another day that didn't go my way." - Mest

"I wanna get trashed and fuck!" - Me

"Fucken caribou!" - Tyler

"It's a rock star box!" - Kathrine

"You look like a fucken leper!" - Randi

"I'm gonna wake up and be a kitty." - Jared

"I'm a bunny!" - Kathrine

cKyChic821: im gonna get ppl to call me NuttyBar... ;-) i think it sounds sexy
cKyChic821: hehe yep...im THE nuttybar...one of a freaking kind
cKyChic821: and you can be skittles...My super rad partner in crime.. muahaha

"I guess I'll just have to live with being cute and good in bed" - Me

"I could write a short story on all the things you like; it'd be about a paragraph long." - Jesse

"That wasn't sexual! That was 'Ha, my girlfriend's getting beat by a slipper!' That's what that was!" - Me

Me: Uh huh times infinity!
Jared: What are you, 6?

"Don't make me moan!" - Jared (that sounds weird out of context!)

"I'm god, I know, I know... I don't know." - Neth

"What's 7 days from next Friday?" - Kathrine

Kathrine: How many races are there in America?
Jon: Two.
Kathrine: What are they?
Jon: Blacks and whites.

"Have we even left Oregon yet" - Kathrine (we weren�t leaving Oregon)

"Yeah, but most of our relationship takes place on the phone cause when we are together we are usually too busy fucking or doing something like that (except when you are on your period and that's why I said USUALLY) to fight." - Jared

"Rose tint my world, Keep me safe from my trouble and pain" - RHPS

"Go crawl up in a hole and get eaten by skunks!" - Evan

"I'm a magical elf and the world is Santa's sleigh" - Kathrine

"Pus-y eyeball girl" - Paul

"I like to wear a cape and run around the mall screaming 'The Sheep are coming!'" - Sara

"Vagimo" - Benji, Shawn, Paul, and Jared

"My boobs grew!" - Anjuli

"I'm not slow; I'm quick like a rabbit." - Hailey

"Cheer up emo bear" - Neth

"Somebody rip my heart out and leave me here to bleed." - Avril Lavigne

"I wish I had a reason my flaws are open season for this I gave up trying one good turn deserves my dying." - Stone Sour

"I guess I'm giving up on love cuz it really kinda sucks." - The Ataris

"You know, we have actual water." - Tara

"Puddles make me fun." - Lisa

"Dishes should die!" - Tara

"I'm turning into a fish." - Kathrine

"Because I'm tired, and I take the drugs." - Paul

"I hope he falls off a cliff and lives." - Me

"Fuck forks!" - Me

"I eat your mom with my hands." - Jared

"I'm going to cry into my microphone and record it for my new LP." - Neth

"I like books that smell weird." - Ruby

"You're like Kitty Hello." - Ruby

"When I grow up I wanna be a lighthouse." - Paul

Me: Food is good.
Wylli: So is sex and being emo.

"Do you guys get massages in the middle of the hall sitting in a chair that you got at Target for a discount price? I don't think so!" - Chris

(I stole this one from sara's profile. Heh, I suck)
Johnathan (to the dudes at the merch stand): Do you have any Finch posters?
Dude at the Merch Stand: Nah we're sold out.
Johnathan: How about From Autumn to Ashes?
Dude: Nope...but we got Steel Train Posters
Johnathan: No thanks dude...How about Early November posters?
Dude: Nah...are you sure you don�t want a Steel Train poster?
Johnathan: No dude they sucked!
Dude: Um...I�m in Steel Train...
Johnathan: oh

"We could run around in our underoos and sing I'm a little tea pot... My friend Kathrine says that's fun" - Me

"Glen left his hamster at my house and Edward raped her." - Cara

"I like happy meal boobs, not super sized." - Jared

Tyler: Josh lets drunken box
Josh: But I'm not drunk
Tyler: But I am

"Drunken flailing is great fighting technique." - Josh

Kelley: Bad-grr
Steve: How do you really say that word?
Kelley: Badger, but Bad-grr is cooler

Tyler: Kelley, you got a pizza stain on Steve's shirt.
Kelley: I'll destroy the evidence *shoves pizza in mouth*

"Would you like to be shot in the twat?" - Lisa

"I have the immune system of a newborn baby with AIDS" - Josh

"Mullet grabbing freak!" - Kathrine

"I rock �cause a short pink-haired girl loves me!" - Jared

"If I were a girl I'd put my phone next to my crotch." - Josh

"If you come inside I promise I won't try to fuck you." - Tyler

Ed: You "c" word
Me: I hope you mean cat
Ed: Ha! You kitty cat!
Me: *looks at Ed puzzled*
Ed: Yes, kitty with a "c"

"It's in the weird growthing stage." - Me

Me: So what have you been up to?
Shawn: Oh, just giving anal mainly.

Jared: Be sappy, in-between happy and sad.
Me: I don't think that's what sappy means.
Jared: That's what it means for us.

�My minion of evil (aka your cat) is doing my bidding!� � Jared

�You look like you stuck your head inside of a woman�s bloody vagina.� � Lisa

�I became a cheese wiz!� � Becca�s mom

�I have a pi�ata for christ�s sake!� � Me

�Fuck you! I�m so hard core!� � Kathrine

�Safety pin, it�s safer that way.� � Neth

�You can�t just go around biting girls vaginas.� � Me

�Get off me, I�m a dolphin!� � Kathrine

Kid1: What do you got ADD or something?
Kid2: No, I have cable.

�If I were a lighthouse I wouldn�t be bored right now.� � Paul

�I think if aliens tried to read my mind they�d fall down dead.� � Kathrine

�This is keep away from Shawn not keep away from Shawn and someone else, fuckface.� � Paul

�A wish tickled my tummy.� � Paul

�It�s half dollar.� - Benji

"No, it's okay, you can touch my ass." - Lisa

Tara: I wish I was the master of something.
Katie: I could teach you to be a slut.

"I heart sluts." - Benji

"Tomatoes are punk rock." - Me

"We were both the same naked-ness." � Tara

�Mars Volta is like an orgasm.� � Drew

�He doesn�t equivilate the entire world.� � Me

�You could scream her name, but I don�t think it will make her come any faster.� � Kathrine

�You slew down.� � Me

�My favorite gadget is my microwave I made into a hamster.� � Jared

�Damn suicidal Skittles tricked me into a tummy ache.� � Me

�You�re a raven� *takes a drink*� That�s my drinking game.� � Paul

Shauna: Katie�s getting laid!
Everyone: By who?
Shauna: Josh!
Me: Are they making out?
Shauna: No they�re just talking, but it�s that really close kind of talking.

�Rock the West Indian!� - Shawn

�For a second there you sounded like a Simon game and I wanted to hit your face.� � Kathrine

�I was like �Oooooh shiny!�� � Kathrine

�Supplies! Times 7!� � Benji

�Weak! Weak! Weak!� � Shawn (while prancing by the window)

Benji: What do you want?
Me: Water
Benji: The water�s free

�That tree reminds me of camping� Ben has a camping tree!� � Me

�The ceiling is really low.� (later that day): �I like the high ceilings.� - Kathrine

�That�s my shoe I tried to turn into a slipper.� � Benji

�I was like oooh turtle, but now it�s like turtle bag and that�s not cool.� � Kathrine

�Why can�t I get in a car without touching a girls breast?� � Paul

�The devil didn�t rape my grandma.� � Paul

�Was that sad?� � Benji

�Nooo� I�m trying to listen to the aliens.� � Benji

�I hurt myself and it hurt.� � Me

�I was looking at some ad and saw their new CD in it and I was like �Trapt....fuck Trapt...�" � Neth

�I hate Officemax like I hate..... Other men�s penises� � Neth

�Oh my god, it�s a fucking nun!� � Kathrine

�I think we could work out a compramization.� � Kathrine

�God fuck, just let me drink you!� � Paul

�It�s like bad kitty, only not.� � Me

�Hanson rocks my world!� � Tara

Kathrine: We�ll be like the reverse pumpkin
Tara: Yeah, Numpkick.

�I like this song, it makes me smile �cause it�s sad.� � Jared

�Came home, fucked like mad rabbits for a while then ate and now here I am� Still trippin' and just like� Yeah.� � Cherish

"I thought if I had alcohol on my breath and I blew on it that it would flame." - Megan

"If you need anything just call me an hour before." - Kathrine

�I dropped all my fingernails.� � Becca

Me: What�d you have for dinner?
Jared: Turkey loaf.
Me: What�s that?
Jared: I�m not quite sure.

�I wish I was a picture.� � Me

�I felt like a dancing prostitute.� � Kathrine

�You just don�t wanna admit that you lost cause you suck� suck face.� - Jared

�Skank cheese.� � Kathrine

(To Josh�s dog) �Go get Nicole, she�s easy,� � Kathrine

�I�m a doctor and a half.� � Paul

�It�s better than being attacked by killer turtles.� � Me

�I wanna be in porn.� � Neth

�Be back in two shakes of a dead whore�s ass.� � Kathrine

�I was smoking like a burning orphanage when I decided to talk to pretty girls on LSP� � Paul

�Goosebumps!� � Paul

Paul: It says Domene.
Katie and Jared: That�s an eight.
(later) Paul: Oh, that is an eight.

�Katie got it in the ass from Gregory.� - Paul

�Then I would be sock-footed.� � Jared

�I�m special� hee I am.� � Jared

�Yeah you�d totally not want to kiss me now. Haha, I look like shit, it�s so fun. Although I�m way hot in a dead way.� � Kathrine

�I'm the best damn roadie/guitar tech/dancer Declared Unfair has ever had!� � Shauna

�That�d be weird if I got turned on by little girls screaming.� � Jared

�We can rock the not cool enough to sound cool-ness!� - Me

�Oh, so I�m the guy with the big ears.� � Kathrine

Me: it makes a wonderful dinner
Neth: so does a Mexican, actually.....I wouldn�t know
Me: you should find out.
Neth: I don�t know how....I don�t think I know any Mexicans...or Hispanics
Me: sad
Neth: I guess
Me: let�s go meet one
Neth: and how are we gonna do that?
Me: let�s go to Portland
Neth: hahahhaha...and look for Mexicans?
Me: uh huh, it'll be fun. We�ll carry a sign; "in need of Mexican females to taste"
Neth: that'd be hilarious� until we died
Me: hahahaha.... yeah
Neth: man...that'd be fun! I wonder if we could get one, like...a hot one
Me: I don't know about a hot one
Neth: yeah see...that�s the harder part.....well...after not dying

�Silly like a rabbit swimming in a duck pond saying �moo� like a cow.� - Jared

�Oww. She threw a battery at me! I�m not a robot!� � Kathrine

�We should make Jared action figures.� � Natali

�I�m so sadistic� Masochistic as well� Shit, I�m all the istics!� � Me

Me: You spelt "home" wrong.
Kathrine: *laughing* How did you spell "home" wrong?
Me: No, you spelt "home" wrong.
Kathrine: Oh.

"I have child bearing hips" - Ben

"Tobacco should be a vegetable" - Tad

"It doesn't fucken' matter, we're at Denny's" - Ben

"Are you some kinda idiot or something?" - Ben

Kathrine: He�s gonna have a Mexican mustache.
Jon: Could that be cuz I�m Mexican?

�I want to be a bridge builder� � Ben

Kathrine: Whatever Tea Pot Boy.
Brad: I�m not even going to dignify that with an unnecessary sarcastic comment.

�I just spited you with my spit. You got spit spited.� - Kathrine

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